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Course introduction and Objectives:

- Managing projects successfully to achieve the goals for which it was undertaken is not a simple journey, it’s a crucial challenge that’s increased by the nature of the projects as a temporary integrated endeavor.

- To beat this challenge, we should integrate knowledge, experience, skills, tools and techniques, thoughts and resources to compete the demand and meet or exceed the stakeholder needs and expectations.

- The golden key to this dilemma is to embrace a new way of thinking,concepts, acquire up-to-date knowledge with a worldwide acceptance,conscience and proven business results.

- The main course objective is to provide you with integrated way of thinking in addition to a comprehensive overview of the most up-to-date knowledge, tools and techniques, within the context and framework of the PMBOK Guide offered by the PMI “Project Management Institute- USA – the worldwide most famous institute in the field of project management”.

- This course will provide the attendees with prerequisite 35 contact hours for taking the PMP® Exam and will cover the twelve chapter of the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition.

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Course are conducted in a 5 full training days style , 5 weeks/twice a week lectures style and also online through the internet for those who unable to travel

Who should attend?

- Senior executives

- Program managers and managers of project managers

- Project managers and other project team members

- Members of a project management office

- Customers and other stakeholders

- Functional managers with employees assigned to project teams

- Educators teaching project management and related subjects

- Consultants and other specialists in project management and related fields

- Trainers developing project management educational programs

- Researchers analyzing project management

Who will conduct the course?

This course will be conducted through a certified instructor by the PMI with extensive years of hands-on experience in project management field “Practicing & Training” .

Language of Course Delivery:

This course will be conducted in Arabic/English languages "Presentation Slides in English"

– Material based on PMBOK Guide 5th Edition will be provided + a full course Video recorded DVD set

Course outlines:

Introduction to Project Management:

- What is a “Project”?

- What is Project Management?

- Why Project Management?

- What do you need to manage Projects effectively?

- What is Project Life Cycle?

- Project Life Cycle and Product Life Cycle Relationships.

- Project Stakeholders.

- Project Managers authorities and Organization Structures.

- Project Management Process Groups.

• Project Initiation:

- Understanding the role of senior management.

- Needs assessment.

- Project Selection (BCR , PV , NPV and IRR)

- Building SMART objectives.

- Developing Requirements.

- Project Charter.

- Preliminary Project Scope Statement.

• Project Planning:

- Project Scope Planning.

- Project Work Breakdown Structure “WBS”.

- Schedule Planning.

- Network Diagrams “PDM & ADM”.

- Schedule Development.

- Speeding up the Schedule.

- Project Managements Planning Software.

- Cost Planning.

- Responsibility Matrix.

- Resource Loading & Leveling.

- Communications and Quality Planning.

- Risk Planning.

• Project Implementation “Executing & Monitoring and Controlling”:

- Project Baselines.

- Develop the Project Team.

- Manage changes.

- Manage Risks.

- Assessing and Monitoring Project work & Performance Reporting “EVM”.

- Perform QA / QC.

• Project Closing:

- Contracts Closure.

- Close Project.

The Above Mentioned Course outlines cover the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition in an integrated and comprehensive representation by digesting the following Project Management Knowledge Areas:

- Project Integration Management

- Project Scope Management

- Project Cost Management

- Project Quality Management

- Project Time Management

- Human Resource Management

- Communication Management

- Project Risk Management

- Project Procurement and Contract Management

At the end of this course, participants will gain the following:

- Understand the new concept of Project Management created by PMI

- Understand the whole areas of knowledge in the PMBOK® "the latest version,5th edition". and correlate them with the processes of project management in addition to the Professional Responsibility.

- Practice for the Exam

- Determine the gap areas you have

- Develop Confidence

- Tips for the Exam

Course are conducted in a 5 full training days style , 5 weeks/twice a week lectures style and also online through the internet for those who unable to travel